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Thriva is an early stage health-tech startup providing blood tests that you can take at home. I joined as the first design hire and led all of Thriva鈥檚 design output across digital and physical products. I worked on end-to-end solutions that solved real problems and aligned to our company vision.

Case study coming soon. In the meantime 鈥 here鈥檚 a sample of work from Thriva 馃憞

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See site

My contribution

Strategy User research Branding Product design

The team

1 脳 product manager 1 脳 product designer 4 脳 engineers 1 脳 doctor 1 脳 copywriter




Some of the components designed for optimal ranges.
The packaging designed for Thriva's menopause blood test.
The interface for recommended blood tests.
Personalise your blood test through Thriva.
Thriva illustration for female hormones tests
Showing the interaction of the personalised blood tests
Change the frequency of your tests inside your dashboard.
Manage your blood test through your dashboard.
Flyer for Thriva's fatberg installation.
Hello from Thriva!


See site
See site