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I took part in Net Magazine’s monthly Design Challenge. The brief was to design a site for a made-up fast-food business. This regular feature puts three designers to the test — to get an inside look at their design process.


My contribution

Concept Branding User interface

The team



A look at the BHA website.


Inspired by the lack of fresh, good quality, and affordable seafood around London. The concept of Brine is simple — an independent takeaway with a focus on sustainable, incredibly fresh, and great-quality seafood.

All seafood is Marine Conservation Society (MCS) certified — so you know exactly where the fish has been sourced from and that it’s planet-friendly. With so few restaurants and takeaways following MCS standards, it is hard for people to do anything other than consume unsustainable produce. Brine aims to address this problem.

This was a challenge for a fictitious restaurant — so I was able to have some fun with the visuals. I wasn't limited by an existing brand or guidelines. The brand is based on a powerful, primary colour palette — to reflect the back-to-basics nature of Brine's sustainable seafood.

The layout is a dynamic wall of content — giving people a variety of information in digestible chunks. I wanted to emphasise the natural, good quality ingredients — so I brought photos of the raw products into the content tiles.

Early sketches and discovery work.
A look at the Brine website and logo.
The Brine logo on a different colour backgrounds.
Showing a few features of the Brine website.
The printed magazine featuring my design.


Brine was published in issue 269 (August issue) of Net Magazine — in both print and digital versions. Net Magazine is currently the largest web design publication in the UK — as a result, my project was seen by thousands of people.

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